Emmi-pet is a dental care system that your groomer will use to clean your dogs teeth without anaesthetic. It is gentle, soundless and motionless so will not upset your pet.

  • Removes tartar and stains

  • Treats and prevents inflamed gums, periodontitis, plaque and tartar build up, bad breath, ulcers and loss of teeth

  • It makes no sound, it does not vibrate, and its completely safe

  • Gently cleans even the smallest spaces and gum pockets, removing all plaque and bacteria up to 12mm deep inside the gums

  • No friction or abrasion

  • Activates blood flow in the gum to promote the healing process

Speak with your groomer about introducing teeth cleaning into your groom, we can have an immediate impact on the health of your dogs teeth and mouth.

Initial Appointment £25
This includes a dental inspection, your dogs own personal brush head and 20 mins of cleaning

Maintenance Appointment £15
This can be a standalone treatment or added to your Full Groom or Bath & Brush.

Cleaning Appointment £20
This includes removal of plaque, enzyme toothpaste and Orozyme gel.

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