Merryweathers Full Groom

The Merryweathers Full Groom is designed to make your dog look its dapper best! Our grooms always include our own Merryweathers luxury shampoos & finishing scents. Our shampoos are hypoallergenic, vegan friendly, 100% natural and smell wonderful. They are also available to buy in the shop. Your groom includes a breed standard or bespoke style haircut, bath, blow dry & brush out. Tidying of paws including nail clipping, a clean of your dogs eyes and ears and a complimentary Merryweathers Bandana. Our philosophy is that we care for each dog as if they were our own and we never ask you to pay for extras that we consider part of the groom.

We groom many different breeds of dogs and our prices are dependant both on coat type and condition as well as size of dog. Please call our salons for an accurate quote.

Merryweathers Bath, Brush & Blow Dry

At Merryweathers even our bath, brush & blow dry is a luxury experience for your dog. The finest shampoos and conditioners are selected for your dogs skin and fur type and followed by beautiful scents that are designed to complement and enhance the shampoo.

Please call our salons or book online for an accurate quote.

Merryweathers Spa Treatments

Why not treat your dog to the full spa experience. Our specially selected treatments can be added to a groom or bath session and all are designed to relax your dog and make them look their absolute best!

Hydrating Butter £3.00
A leave-in conditioner that leaves the coat feeling smooth and beautifully shiny

Wrinkle Balm £3.00
100% natural, safe and edible ingredients make this balm that is designed to soothe, heal and prevent infection and dermatitis in your dog’s skin folds. Suitable for use on the face, around the eyes and on sensitive skin.

Paw Balm £3.00
A 100% natural conditioning balm that helps condition dry, rough pads, elbows and even noses!

Paw Scrub £3.00
Made with sugar to gently exfoliate the pads! Add this treatment to your bath service to helps destroy bacteria and generate new skin cells.

Tear Stain Remover £5.00
A specially designed two step treatment that fights the bacteria that causes the staining and inhibits future bacteria growth.

Mud Bath from £10.00 
All dogs love mud! This luxury treatment conditions and rehydrates you dogs coat whilst they relax. We offer a complete range including De-Shedding, Mobility, Soothing and Fortifying.

Whatever the size of your dog, we will work with you to find the perfect groom!